Salvaging is Mechanics skill in EVE Online. It effects your ability to salvage various wrecks and the likelyhood of successfully salvaging a wreck with each cycle of salvager use.

In-Game Description 

Proficiency at salvaging ship wrecks. Required skill for the use of salvager modules. 100% increase in chance of salvage per addaitional level.


Training the Salvaging skill requires that you have already trained the following skill(s) and to the level(s) as follows:

Primary Skills Required

  • Mechanics III</li> Secondary Skills Required</li>
  • Survey III</li></li>
  • Electronics I</li>

    Required For

    Level 1
      • Salavager I (Ship Equipment)
      • Noctis (Ship)

    Level 2

      • Salvage Drone I
      • Salvage Drone Operation (Skill)

    Level 5

      • Salvager II (Ship Equpment)

    Use In-Game

    The Salvaging </li>